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Haines Alaska HeliSkiing

You will find there are a four main outfits that operate heliskiing in Haines Alaska.

Comparing the heli skiing companies.

Alaska Heliskiing was the first to put down stakes in Haines. Sean Dog has been in the business longer than anyone else. Alaska Heliskiing mostly operates out of 33 Mile for shorter flights to where they ride.


SEABA - Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures has been operating out of Haines for many years. They work to be very accommodating. SEABA works with Fort Seward Lodge to keep their clients comfortable. .


Alaska Mountain Guides is relatively new to the heliskiing business in Haines. They are a respectable company, and you know your guides will be top notch in ensuring your safety. A major operation of Alaska Mountain Guides is the training of guides in all types of activities. They might not know where all the best spots are yet for the super extreme heliskiing you know you'll be comfortable and well taken care of. If you are new to heliskiing they might be your best choice.

Heliskiing or flightskiing

Flightskiing has one major advantage over heliskiing. It's cheaper. Often when looking into flightskiing you're going to be doing some hiking in some of the freshest powder on the planet. Likely if you go with flightskiing, you're going to get droped off and spend the day (or longer) skiing or snowboarding in virgin powder. Mountain Flying Service is expert at taking film crews out so that they can camp out for up to a couple weeks. Paul is custom to running team and supplies for extended stays in the Chilkat Range, and St. Elias Mountains. In the off season he provides flightseeing over Glacier Bay so he knows what the conditions are like under this seasons new snow.

Aviation in Alaska

For information on the aviation industry in Alaska check out Alaskan Aviation. An Alaskan pilot who does Haines flights to Glacier Bay is Mountain Flying Service.

Check out our friends who do Misty Fjords flightseeing.

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